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LahSoul "The Pale Horse"

LahSoul Hughbanks was born April 28, 1992 in Ann Arbor Michigan. The Pale Horse currently has a couple of mixtapes out and is now working on his 3rd mixtape and 1st album. Be on the look out for some hot music by LahSoul "The Pale Horse".

LAHSoul The Pale Horse An African American Albino Hip Hop artist from the city known as the big house. When it comes to college football. a Michigan Volverine Native, began recording/writing music at the age of 9 years old. 

LAHSoul continued on with creating and recording music and just recently got signed to GOMFU Entertainment based out of Los Angles CA.  LAHSoul dropped his first EP project titled 'Eyes Have Not Seen Nor Ears Have Heard' late 2011, where he had received great feedback from the streets.  Recently LAHSoul has been in the lab grinding out his first mixtape and his first album project on GOMFU Entertainment, for the summer of 2016.  Also be on the lookout for his next upcoming video in the works "Unconscious" and the mix tape project titled "LAHSoul The Pale Horse"

" Im jus doin me nd you could neva understand it!!! "


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LahSoul TPH on Video Location

LahSoul TPH on Video Location

Live in Los Angeles, CA

Posted on April 08, 2017

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