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Aulia Akbarreza Nosler aka Reza

Born in Arcadia, CA April 26, 1996 - Taurus

Hometown - 626 - San Gabriel Valley, CA

Reza's production is diverse, with a feel of all different types of genres. His music relates to this generation of people with modern type beats, some trap beats, and some old school licks. Reza started playing music at the age of 12. He picked up his guitar and never looked back and by the age of 15 he was producing tracks. He is definitely a very talented up and coming producer and artist lighting up the inner-city and suburbs with plans to take his music international. He plans to start with California, spreading out across the country, and then hopefully worldwide to all of the teens of all ethnicities and genders. Regarding disappointments with the current state of the Music Industry, Reza states "Many underground artists aren't getting the attention that they should be getting, especially with all their talents with their flows and/or producing skills." Reza feels he can make it in the music industry because of his deep love and passion for the art of music production.

"Music is life, making music is a lifestyle, producing music is simply what I love to do." Currently many people are feeling his music and Reza definitely feels like his music is the type of music people listen to these days because he has a different type of way of beat making. The first track he ever produced was titled 'The Beginning' which was the start of many more wide variety productions to come.  At this moment in time, Reza feels like his track titled 'Around The World' is his favorite because it started off as a plain beat that he did not put any work into, and then listened to it for about 30 minutes and just started putting everything together and it actually came out pretty good. The track is currently being mixed and mastered. The song is entitled "Out of Control" featuring Label Mates, Juicy T & B Pac.

When asked "How do you like your chances on becoming Famous or Well Known?" Reza, responds, "I love the chance that I'm able to become well known because if I do then Ill be able to make music with many artists and hopefully artists that are very well known. I honestly just want to make good music and make money at the same time, being a producer as a career would not even be a job to me but more as a hobby." One of the first alternative type song would he fell in love with was "When September Ends" by Green Day, which is also the first song he learned on the guitar.  The first Hip Hop song was "Hate it or love it" by The Game & 50 Cent because of the sample they used, it just sounded perfect. Reza grew up listening to artists: Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Eminem, Ab-Soul, Jay Z, Nas, Hopsin and Producers: HitBoy, Lex Luger, Jahlil, Dj Mustard, Drumma Boy, Slegren, Brother Ali, Chuck Strangers, Kritt.

The main goal for Reza in 2014 is to improve his audio producing and audio engineering skills, to meet new people in the music industry and to become a well-known producer in the game. Reza plans on practicing his skills, take advice from other producers, learn how to sell his music, and have good work ethic to make it.

"I see myself working with many different artists with different types of music genres, just making a  bunch of good music for people to hear."


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