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Dante Dikembe Viscarra, known by most, as Super Lifted is a Gemini born in the town of Beverly Hills, CA.  He grew up listening to hip-hop from a young age but truly fell in love with the art when he took up being an MC.  He initially studied how other artists put together their words, melodies, and rhyme patterns and built his own unique style from there.  The song that really gave him that push to perfect his style was Infinite from Eminem's first studio album, which his older brother introduced him to.  When he writes, he gathers up his life experiences, emotions and feelings and uses music as an outlet to express himself.  His friends typically describe him as a down to earth, funny person who does his best to steer clear of all the negatively that comes his way in life.


Super Lifted got his stage name from the fact that he is trying to bring hip-hop and the music industry as a whole to a higher level of consciousness and intelligence. He fell in love with the true meaning of hip-hop and loves that head bobbing, groove that hip-hop gives which puts you into a zone.  He'd classify much of the music he hears today as "hip-pop" and aims to amplify the underground scene.  When people listen to his music he wants them to say that, "this is real hip-hop", and appreciate him for the fact that he can make good music and still have one of the best rhyming styles in the game.


Super Lifted's favorite artists include Eminem, Tech N9ne, Ice Cube, Nate Dogg, Warren G, and Busta Rhymes.  The real Super Lifted is a man finding his way in the world and hoping to make a profound impact on people along the way.  He hopes to be a positive influence on everyone around him, but of course has no problems showing off how he can get down on his tracks when he let's his alter egos loose!


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