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PhLi Cargo aka Anthony Love was born December 21 on the south side of Chicago. PhLi Cargo is the most organic artist in the game today and his goal is to NOT put out fake music or represent anyone or anything fake for that matter. His plan is to bring the South Side of Chicago to life. Renegade!

How do you see yourself within the Music Industry?

Right now I’m a little fish in a big pond. I feel it won’t be long before I make that splash that’s going to garner attention.

How do you want people to see you in the Music Industry?

I bring stories to life. I want people who know what the struggle is like to connect with me. Rather within the industry or not.

Would you consider yourself an artist, a fan or a competitor in the Music Industry?

I’m competitive by nature, my opinion is that I’m one of the best, but that doesn’t stop me from being a fan, I love good music.

Where do you want your music to be heard?  I want my music to be heard on every continent and by every ethnicity. Pain comes to everyone, in multiple ways. We’re going to make it through together.

What demographics does your music relate to? Ages 14 and up. ‘Back N Hi SkooL’ is an album every 8th grader who’s going into high school is going to want to have it. Parental advisory of course.

What is the biggest disappointment for you in the Music Industry? My biggest disappointment is giving up. That’s not going to happen. 

What is the driving force for you to be in the Music Industry? My family. I have a lot of people in bad places and I have an obligation to get them out. Including my own. Family first is the MO.

What is the message your music brings to the table? You can always turn a positive into a negative. Always. Hearing things the way I see them can help everyone understand. Those who understand can put the album on and feel good where they are right now, where they can be in the future.

Why should anyone listen to PhLi Cargo music? Why should anyone eat @ In and Out? Until you try it, you never know how good it is.

What is your favorite song you’ve recorded thus far? I don’t have a favorite I just ride and let it play.

What is the name of your first single and why? The name of the first single is Still Shooting. The first single off the album is Stiff Arm. I got a great response from the crowd when I performed it in Hollywood. We gave the people what they wanted. Stiff Arm is the video out now on Youtube, GOMFU Channel.

How do you like your chances on becoming Famous or Well Known? I love my chances, if I were a betting man, I would bet the house on PhLi Cargo.

How do you feel about Gomfu Entertainment? GOMFU is the family, turning negatives into a positive. The team is strong and the game plan is solid. Let’s ball.

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