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What is the name of your new single?
Stiff Arm

What is the Album Title?
Back N Hi SkooL

Significance of the single's name?
Its a dance, its the get back movement. Any chick with negative energy....stiff arm.

Particular theme of the song?
Different situations when you have to tell your girl chill the f out.

Is the album out yet?
The album drops 8-12-16

How does this single reflect the rest of the album?
Its a feel good album that is about situations we go through in life and growing up. We, meaning everyone who had a struggle in life. So its for us to love, for us to ride around and be proud of what you’re driving, be proud of the chick you ‘re stiff arming. Represent your situation to the fullest.

Why was this the song you chose for the single to represent the album?
I loved the response I got when I performed it live for the first time. I knew it was hit when I saw the crowd doing the stiff arm with me.

What in the song is typical of your music?
It’s upbeat and filled with facts. Stiff Arm can be played in the club and most definitely in the car. Only play it at the house if you bout that life, might get a little rowdy.

What is unique about Stiff Arm?
Nobody wants to put movement with these dope a** tracks, so when you hear stiff arm I want you to actually do the stiff arm. The uniqueness is how you stiff arm, and who actually gets hit with it.

Is your album a digital or physical release?
Both. Everywhere music is released. iTunes, Amazon etc.

What albums/singles before?
Still Shooting is doing just that. Out now on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon etc. the video for Still Shooting is out right now.

How has this album evolved your sound?
My lyrical ability has evolved where I can now say less, yet have the same impact. There’s a different bounce, almost like putting Chicago, LA, and Mississippi in a pot, and turning that fire on high.
Any awards or acclaims so far?
I am self proclaimed the best doing it. So I guess I awarded myself


Any upcoming gigs?
I'm performing 08-05-16 @ The Airliner in LA. I’m also performing 09-23-16 @ The Mint in LA. Then, I’m performing in Hollywood on 11-19-16. We burning those joints down.

What are your future plans?
I'll be touring Early 2017, hopefully a city near you. I'm definitely trying to get back down south and wreck s***. Shout out to Baton Rouge and Gulfport one time.

Anything else you’ll like to add?
If your girl is tripping, put that stiff arm on and chillax. If she still bugging after that, stiff arm that joint, and keep it moving.

What is your last message?
I just want to thank everybody who rock with me, who been down since day one, and the ones looking for the come up. Everybody got a job so I'm thanking the f boys, the opportunities and the haters. Strive for more, be better,do better,listen to better.